Services We Offer

In terms of market scope, consultants range from small independent industries, to giant multinationals. No wonder that companies needing such services sometimes have little real experience with consultants, and so are wary. Indeed, the relation between client and consultant is quite different from all other business transactions. Here are some services we provide.

  • Consulting Services for Industrial projects and study of existing plant and suggestions for improvement and to conduct fault analysis of small, medium and large size process plant equipment’s.
  • Consultant for DCS/ PLC Systems ,Electrical Systems and Automation
  • Consultant for utilities required for industries and process plants
  • Consultant for open access power requirement for industries
  • Consultant for solar projects and implementation
Training and Coaching
  • To conduct training and coaching regarding Industrial practices on Electrical and Instrumentation. Process plant automation and operation training on full length. Optional-On the job training for duration of 3 months
  • To give training to general safety and electrcal safety for engineers, Technicians and Contract labors.
Testing & Commissioning
  • To undertake testing and commissioning of industrial equipment’s including. Electrical and Instrumentation for small, medium and large plants.
Safety Audit
  • To conduct safety audit and electrical audit of process plants and industries.
Energy Audit
  • To undertake energy audit of small, medium and large size Industries/Complex
  • Prepare and present draft and final reports as per statutory requirements for audit findings
Social Commitment
  • Social Commitment-Energy conservation activities and awareness classes for public and public undertakings of Govt of Kerala as a social Commitment

About Us

Our various services are: Pre-feasibility study, New Project Identification, Project Feasibility and Identification of Profitable Industrial Project Opportunities, detailed project reports and full length consultation of projects More

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